Cormorant's Cruising Area

Our Cruising area allows us to travel in any one of three directions - South West along the coast towards Lands End, North East to go round St Michael's Mount, or North to Newlyn and Penzance.  Our Cruises normally last 1 (one) hour with the exception of going east to go around St Michael's Mount.  This take approximately an hour and a quarter due to the extra distance to travel and so costs slightly more than the normal one hour cruises.

NOTE: All the cruises are tide and weather dependent, particularly the Cruise around St Michael's Mount.  Due to the pedestrian Causeway between Marazion to St Michael's Mount as well as the lack of water when the tide is out, the St Michael's Mount Cruise is only possible at certain states of the tide.  If wanting to do that Cruise, please check with us before booking a date and time.

South West towards Lands End

This cruise takes you past the Cliffs and Coves along the Lands End Peninsula as far around the coast as Boscawen Point, including St Clement's Isle and Lamorna Cove (which has been immortalised in many forms over the years - a traditional Cornish Folk song, the book "The Minack Chronicles" by Derek Tangye, and a poem "Lamorna Cove" by W H Davies).  It was even used as a location in Sam Peckinpah's film "Straw Dogs".  Granite from Lamorna Cove was also used in construction, notably the Thames Embankment.  Add to that the sea-life and wildlife found on and around those cliffs and coves, there is a lot to take in on this cruise.

North East to go around St Michael's Mount

st-michaels-mount-at-dawn (117K)

The cruise across Mounts Bay and around the Bay's most famous and spectacular landmark, St Michael's Mount, will give a you a sense of the history of the Mount (it goes back 2,000 years) and some of the stories of it's past.  This rocky outcrop, with commanding and strategic views across Mount's Bay, has been continuously owned and occupied by the St Aubyn Family since 1659 but in 1954 it was gifted to the National Trust.  Such a long history of residence has not been broken though as the St Aubyn Family still live there under an agreed 999-year lease with the National Trust.

North to Newlyn and Penzance

newlyn-harbour-panorama-1 (186K)

This Cruise takes in the harbour at Newlyn, a very active fishing port where your skipper will be able to show and explain how the fishing fleets work and provide the fish for the UK (and wider afield) dinner tables.  It will also take in Penzance harbour where the "MV Scillonian" sails from on it's regular runs to the Isles of Scilly to keep them supplied with essentials for isolated island life as well as tourists to see the sights.

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The management reserve the right to cancel any trips through bad weather, insufficient bookings or any cause beyond their control.  The Management hold no responsibility for passengers belongings.